We asked ourselves “What is it about our people, our expertise and our approach that makes Michael T. Owen & Assoc. the right choice for you?” We think there is a fundamental difference in how we partner with our clients. We believe that our role is to apply our resources and expertise to facilitate, guide and make it easier for you to complete your objective. We respect that it is your benefit plan, not ours, and the selection of the insurer is ultimately yours to make.

We will work so closely with you that you will think of us as part of your internal team. We design our role to deliver the tools you need to continue to run the benefit plans, and fade into the background when you tell us it is appropriate.

We have a focused approach to earning our place at your table. You will be assured of having a Principal of the company as your contact who will continue to be accountable, to you, throughout the project and beyond. We will provide you with expertise only in those areas we can support and that you require.

Understanding how benefits fit your strategic business objectives is how we move from abstract generalities to a custom solution.

When you choose Michael T. Owen & Assoc., you get our individual and corporate commitment to professional and personal service, on the terms that you set up front.