We recognize that customer needs range over a variety of areas, and that expertise in each field is a necessity. To address these ever changing requirements, we have established a number of strategic alliances. Through these alliances and us, our customers can access support with confidence in the quality and competence of the support.

We are able to deliver:
  • Risk management and commercial brokerage services
  • Benefit Administration
  • US and foreign insurance services

Our Brokerage and Consulting Services include:
  • Employee Benefit Plan analysis, design and implementation
  • Brokerage of Benefit Plans
  • Analysis of insurance brokers/consultants and insurance carriers
  • Employee Benefit Administration Systems review and placement
  • Employee Communications and staff seminars
  • Consultative and administrative services for foreign branches and subsidiaries
  • Keyman, Shareholder Redemption, Buy-Sell Agreement Insurance brokerage
  • Executive Income Replacement and Keyman Disability programs
  • Special Risk, Business Travel Accident Programs
  • Registered and non-registered group savings plans
  • Personal financial planning

Strategic Alliances
We have established meaningful relationships to enhance the services we bring to our clients namely:
  • The effective implementation and administration of contracts
  • Specialized product
  • International pooling opportunities in employee benefits
  • Consolidated international reporting of benefit programs
  • Specialized bench marking information for benefit programs within the software and financial services industries

We are pleased to have the support and expertise that these alliances can bring to our clients.