Retiree Benefits

More than at any other time retiring employees need the opportunity to continue their health insurance as protection against the potential hardship of health care costs. This is because:
  • As we age, we need more health care
  • Income becomes increasingly limited into retirement
  • Health care costs increase faster than the CPI
  • Government health care programs suffer continuous cutbacks
Other products that we offer include Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance and Convalescent Care. Our innovative Travel Insurance enables us to shop for the right insurance, at the right price, for an individual’s specific needs.

The advantages of Owen and Associates insurance programs include:
  • Enrolment in our health plan is guaranteed within 90 days of a retiree losing their group benefits, no medical questions or exam required
  • Customers can purchase a variety of other products specifically designed for retirees, such as life and travel insurance
  • Only one phone call is required to reach our customer service department which handles service requirements for all of our plans, regardless of insurer
  • Owen and Associates acts as an advocate to retirees and can intervene on contentious claims and administrative issues

To discuss our programs or to see some of our products, please contact us.